More than just another token.
We're saving lives.

Clear Water is an innovative new crypto project driven by providing clean international drinking water to communities in need. Part charity, part crypto, and part business - we are focused on the human impact on the planet & environmentally-friendly clean water solutions.

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About Clear Water

Clear Water is not your standard cryptocurrency. Our goals are long-term. When we accomplish one, we set another. We are well-educated, business professionals from around the United States with a well-developed plan.

Becoming a widely-accepted currency is an important aim. However, our main goal is to provide clean, international drinking water in some of the world's most recyclable, newly-designed and individually sized vessels.

We fully expect the value of our cryptocurrency to soar as our business plans unfold. We expect more price stability, as many investors will relate Clear Water to a stock with the potential for cryptocurrency-like gains. Therefore, we expect many long-term holders.

Donations will be distributed to our charity partners on a well-timed basis.

Members of the board will provide cryptocurrency and business updates on our social media platforms and via press release.

Our Mission

Launch and maintain a stable cryptocurrency
Launch environmentally friendly water firm internationally
Donate to charities whose goals are to clean up our oceans or provide clean drinking water
Educate the masses on what it takes to save tomorrow
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Our Roadmap is Simple

Despite being a priority, we are not basing our long-term goals on social media followers, holder counts or listing status in the same way that many other cryptocurrencies do. Our road map heavily consists of the development of Clear Water's business firm, which we believe will have a major impact on our associated cryptocurrency's trading value.

Q1 2022

Token Roadmap

  • Website launch
  • Pankcake Swap launch
  • Social media marketing campaign
  • Influencer support marketing
  • Coin Market Cap & Coin Gecko listings
  • Charity partnership development

Business Roadmap

  • Executive company-to-contractor meetings
  • Final determination of potential canned water supplier candidates, manufacturing facilities, and distribution contractors

Q2 2022

Token Roadmap

  • Exchange listings
  • First donation towards in-ground water wells to areas in need
  • Large influencer support marketing
  • Air drop giveaway
  • NFTs
  • Staking

Business Roadmap

  • Final selection of canned water supplier, manufacturing facility, and distributor
  • Water firm progresses from the planning phase to the canned water development phase

Q3 2022

Token Roadmap

  • First donation to an ocean clean-up charity organization
  • Celebrity support marketing
  • Pre-planned website overhaul
  • Large exchange listings

Business Roadmap

  • Television commercial development
  • Discussions with the Discovery channel regarding potential Clear Water commercial on their network
  • Canned water manufacturing phase
  • Negotiation of product sale contracts

Q4 2022

Token Roadmap

  • First scholarship donated to a high school senior who has been accepted into a marine biology program at a qualifying college
  • Currency adoption campaign

Business Roadmap

  • Television ad campaign
  • Canned water distribution and sale phase

Making the World a Better Place

Blockchain technology has the potential to alter how natural resources are used and valued. Clear Water utilizes this technology to provide increased value to the business initiative and vice versa. Clear Water's cryptocurrency sector also aims to be utilized as a widely-accepted currency in the near future. Our token supply is less than that of many other new cryptocurrencies as a way to provide greater value for our investors.

Our cryptocurrency sector provides funding for charity donations. Clear Water will donate to specific charities that aim to clean up our oceans. Clear Water will also donate money for in-ground wells to provide clean drinking water to areas in need internationally. Once a year, we will also donate at least one scholarship to a high school senior who has been accepted into a qualifying college-level marine biology program.

We're making a difference

Charity: Water logo

Clear Water Donates First $10,000 to Non-Profit Organization charity: water

The following text is from charity: water

charity: water is a nonprofit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

With a radically transparent model that sends 100% of public donations straight to the field, charity: water funds sustainable water projects in areas of greatest need and works with local partners to implement them. The organization proves every project, using innovative technology and powerful storytelling to connect donors with their impact.

Since 2006, charity: water has funded 64,999 water projects around the world to help more than 12.7 million people get access to clean water, hygiene, and improved sanitation.

Read more on Benzinga

The Clear Water Team

Photo of Bryan


Area of college Study: Journalism

Work experience: Two successful businesses started, ran and sold -- including a national solar maintenance company

  • 8 years in building supply
  • 5 years product design and development
  • 8 years in supply chain industry
  • 12 years in renewable energy sector

Titles held: Owner, Director, Vice President, Executive Vice President, COO and CEO

Photo of Ryan


Areas of college Study: Computer Science, Web Engineering

Work experience:

  • 24 years in the web engineering industry
  • Lead replatforming and cloud migration of several multi-billion dollar e-commerce websites
  • Lead multidisciplinary teams of 75+ for Fortune 100 companies
  • Architected and built platforms scaling to over 100,000 requests per second at peak

Titles held: CTO, Director of Engineering, Senior Engineering Manager, Senior Lead Engineer, Web Engineer

White Paper

Clear Water project is a cryptocurrency-focused on the circular economy in three areas: water, waste, and mobility. It offers novel solutions and promotes businesses that make major environmental improvements...

The world is facing unprecedented levels of pollution, putting ecosystems and living beings in jeopardy. Plastic garbage, which has become an omnipresent big toxin, is stacking up everywhere at an unprecedented rate. Furthermore, 1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water, resulting in a high and unacceptable mortality rate...

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Breaking Down Our Tokenomics

Clear Water's total supply is 10,000,000,000 tokens, of which 50% have been burned, leaving only 5,000,000,000 tokens in circulation.

Reflections 2%

Provide incentives to holders, encouraging them to hold their tokens long-term. Reflections add 2% tax to the tokenomics package, discouraging whales from selling their tokens.

Reflections also provide passive income, therefore encouraging investment and long-term holding.

Charity/Business 2%

The charity/business wallet will only be used for donations to charity organizations, as well as business and marketing for Clear Water as a whole. This is vital to the further development of the token and business sector which will benefit holders long-term. The 2% tax may be reduced at a later date dependent on trading price.

Developers 2%

The dev wallet provides incentive to the developers who created Clear Water. The 2% tax may be eliminated at a later date dependent on trading price and business development.

Liquidity Pool 4%

Provides much-needed liquidity to the DeFi ecosystem. Liquidity is important for all tradable assets, as a liquid cryptocurrency makes it easier to buy and sell quickly when there are a larger number of participants actively trading.


Amplify your investment dollars, just by holding.

We provide several rewards opportunities to token holders, including the first cryptocurrency to pay dividends from profits on product sales - which will be on store shelves this year.


Provide incentives to holders, encouraging them to hold their tokens long-term. Reflections add 2% tax to the tokenomics package, discouraging whales from selling their tokens.

Reflections also provide passive income, therefore encouraging investment and long-term holding.


Clear Water is the first cryptocurrency that will have a physical presence on store shelves, and we are excited to offer another crypto first – paying dividends to token holders.

When our aluminum bottled water products hit shelves later this year, holders will receive 5% dividends from sales profits.

Stakingmax APY when staking for 12-mos

Investors now have the ability to stake their tokens – up to 50M per wallet. There is no deposit fee, and no withdrawal fee when fully vested.

There will be 3, 6, 9, and 12 month staking periods at 10%, 12%, 15%, and 20% APY, respectively.

How to Buy

You can already swap your Binance Coins for Clear Water on PankcakeSwap! Simply connect your wallet to PancakeSwap, search for the Clear Water contract address, and start swapping!

See also: Buying from Coinbase

Contract address: 0x09Faf80c7Df27d0Fb8A717324963cB871f6814f7

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Getting Started

  1. Create a Wallet

    If you don't have one, create a wallet with TrustWallet on your iOS or Android device. This will allow you to manage your Clear Water tokens, and simplifies connecting to PancakeSwap.

  2. Send BNB to Your Wallet

    You can purchase BNB coins directly from TrustWallet, or exchange other cryptocurrencies for them at a major exchange such as Binance.

  3. Swap to BNB Smart Chain

    Next, you will need to swap your fresh new BNBs to the BNB Smart Chain variety. This can be done directly from TrustWallet by tapping on the BNB token in your wallet, and selecting "Swap" on the next screen.

  4. Connect to PancakeSwap

    Visit from the mobile device your wallet is installed on, and click Connect Wallet at the top. Please make sure the URL is accurate before connecting - it must be

    Once you click Connect Wallet, select WalletConnect from the next menu. Finally, select TrustWallet on the final menu, and follow the instructions in your mobile app.

  5. Update Slippage

    It's likely you will see a "cannot estimate gas" error when swapping your BNB for CLEAR. Updating slippage tolerance to 12% resolves the issue for most people. You can find configuration by tapping the gear icon near the top of PancakeSwap.

  6. Congratulations!

    That's it – you're done – congratulations on being a holder of $CLEAR! Please join us on any of the social media platforms we're on to get the latest news and updates, or to ask questions or seek assistance.

Social Media

If you're interested in learning more, have questions, or just want to chat with fellow $CLEAR holders – join us on any of the following social media platforms.

Press Contact

Members of the press can get ahold of us by e-mailing, calling, or writing:

Clear Water
32120 Temecula pkwy #1037
Temecula, CA 92592
(720) 597-5366

Bryan: [email protected]
Ryan: [email protected]

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