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FREE SHIPPING* on your orders of Clear Water 24-packs

Now through 10/16, we will reimburse your order's shipping costs by sending you $CLEAR tokens of the same value (based on market price at time of sending).


To take advantage of this offer, simply enter your BSC (BEP20) wallet address to the "notes" in cart (see below).  When you complete your order, we will send $CLEAR equal to the value of your shipping costs within 24-hours.  Don't have a wallet?  Head over to our crypto page for more info!

For every 500k tokens you stake of the reimbursed amount, you will be entered into our 75M token giveaway!  More details on the giveaway can be found on Clear Swap -> More Information


* No refunds on orders that take part in this special offer.  The amount of $CLEAR received will be based on market value at the time of sending.  Staking $CLEAR for a full year, up to the amount reimbursed, is required to be entered into the token giveaway, with every 500k staked counting as an entry.

Taking Advantage of this Offer

  1. Add 1 (one) or more cases of Clear Water 24-packs to your cart

  2. Enter your BSC (BEP20) wallet address into the "notes" in cart. 

  3. Complete the transaction, and within 24-hours we will send $CLEAR tokens valued at the cost of shipping your order to the wallet you provided

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